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Sunnyvale Soccer Complex Usage Guidelines
Usage of Sunnyvale Soccer Complex (SSC) is a privilege and a responsibility. All rules must be followed at all times.

Security and Safety

Drones: If Drones are not to be used above the SSC complex at any time.

Gates: If you are the last team to leave, you must ensure that ALL gates are locked.

Goals: Goals may NEVER be used with out being staked down. Goals must always be put away after use. Never assume someone else will put them away. Goals must be placed against and facing the fence so they cannot be used. This applies to all full-size goals, rebounders, and hockey-size goals.

If there is equipment missing or broken, please report it here.

Sharing of Space

You are responsible for knowing what practice field you are assigned and where it is. Do not assume if a spot is empty that it's yours for use. Be respectful of each other.

If necessary, share some space with fellow teams. We are all part of SASC. Let's work together. If you are unsure or have questions, email the Fields Director.

Wear and Tear

Please use rebounders instead of goals for practices to cut down wear on the goals.

Do not set goals/rebounders in the marked goal boxes except in games. It cuts down on overuse.

If your team does Speed/Quickness activities, perform them within 10 yards of the perimeter fencing (preferably by the back fence). These activities should never be performed on or between the playing fields. The space between the playing fields may become part of a playing field the following season.

Scheduled Games

All weekend field use goes through the Fields Director.

If you are the first game of the day on a field you will have to set up. If you are the last game, put the equipment away. If no one is playing immediately after you, put the equipment away. This includes all flags and goals. Flags go in the knack box by the sheds. Goals to the nearest fence.

Maintaining a Clean Facility

Use the garbage and recycling bin located at the exit gates. DO NOT EVER leave trash behind. Pick up after ever use. It's your home, so we need to take care of it.


DO NOT PARK in the far right lot past the dumpsters before 6pm on weekdays. This is a school play yard until that time. Use our main parking lot in the center.


Dogs, cats, or any other pets are strictly prohibited at all times.


Bicycles must be walked onto the field. Do not ride bicycles on the field.
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