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Private Lessons at Sunnyvale Soccer Complex

SSC is a private facility. Private lessons are not allowed without the written (email is fine) permission of the SASC field coordinator.

Permission will not be reasonably withheld as long as:

1) All participants are registered on a SASC CYSA roster. That means both the trainer and the players. Non SASC persons may not participate without the clear permission of Fields and a field rental charge is paid or expressly waived.

2) Space is available

3) CYSA Risk Management policies are followed, namely

"A participant (other than a parent or legal guardian) being alone in a one-on-one situation with a player is inappropriate. If an adult is alone with a player then the adult should do so in a visibly public site."

SSC is a private facility and not a public site.

Please ensure any paid trainers your team is associated with are aware of these policies.

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